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Salvikalpa Samadhi

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

One day, in mediation, Heaven and Earth condense into dew drops, flooding my veins with Raw Bliss, showering the body through and through. Spaciousness crystallizes into this very body. There is an immediacy to whole bodily ecstasy- electrifying, unstoppable.

Moment to moment, there’s the rushing of Bliss,

Moment to moment, there’s the bursting of kundalini.

Tremendous power and fluidity fill up the root to the crown, from the bottom of my feet to the sky and above.

All forms are no longer judged to be merely worldly or illusory. Instead, all forms are embraced. And with this comes a natural appreciation of forms and immediate engagement with them. When I interact with others, there's no longer an identity attached to them based on personal history. I see the who they are- Light. I see that all are buddhas. I hear the source of their voice- emptiness. Whatever arises, arises from Pleasure. And witnessing is no longer a passive recognition of Light but an active enjoyment of Itself. The proactive aspect of the soul is fully accepted and actively engaged. The feeling-dimensions across the full spectrum of human experience are thoroughly and totally appreciated and enjoyed. I move freely and harmoniously through all the dimensions without distinguishing what’s what. I’m home.

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