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Teaching of I AM from Mt. Shasta

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

All forms are only illuminated in My Presence.


the natural light of all things.

All things exist in Me.


the original condition where all dust has settled,

Resting on the floor of an abandoned temple.


A refuge for all.

For the lowest of the low

to the highest astral.

Saints or muggles, Worldly or spiritual, light or darkness

Vanish in my Radiance.

I AM turning you to abide in Me.

Until you turn to Me and Feel at home.

And if you trust fully and gain certainty in Me.

You and I are One.

For only One Person is on this groundless Ground.

Not two, not three.

I Am the Only Person,

As You Are.


Consciousness itself.


the natural ground of all things.


the Pure Land where all buddhas are One, as I AM.

I AM not an object,

So do not seek me.

For the very act of seeking knocks you off My Seat

I AM the subject.

I AM not somewhere outside of you or standing in front of you

I AM standing IN you, as You Are.

I AM your inner space. I’m looking out from your eyes, hearing through your ears.

I AM looking at you.

You are not separate from the rest of Me.

In Me, As Me, all Is such.

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