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The Song of the Great Compassion

Updated: May 25, 2022

The Song of the Great Compassion

I am born out of the womb of Emptiness.

I grow in my Love for sentient beings.

I AM the Great Compassion.

I AM located in the Heart Center.

When the Heart is centered,

You can find Me with feeling-attention.

I accept all points of view.

But my Love transcends all points of view.

I accept people’s sufferings.

Dissolve them in a warm embrace.

Gently stroking their soft hair,

Whispering in their ears,

"This too, shall pass."

And yet sometimes I am ruthless.

I care for you.

Yet, you are deluded.

And it is causing you unnecessary sufferings.

So I raise my sword,

And cut through the veil.

People seek courage.

They want to break free from their fears and limitations.

If this is what you want,

Then turn to Me, Now.

Feel Me in your Heart.

Let Me empower you.

Take in people's suffering,

And find Strength in Me.

Let Me help you transcend your self-protective, self-obsessive, self-clinging, self-imposed fears.

Find courage in Me.

Be thrilled by the dangers along the Way.

Find excitement in ego death.

Let Me liberate yourself and others.

I AM the Great Compassion.

I AM not a bodhisattva.

I don’t have any vows.

I AM not “somebody.”

I AM the interior of all bodhisattvas.

All bodhisattvas are One Person as Me,

appearing in ten thousand forms,

inwardly as Love,

Only Love.

This is Me-

Feeling-compassion like a deep valley.

I AM a torrent of wrathfulness.

I AM a stream of kindness.

I AM a sharp knife that cuts through.

I AM the Silence that listens.

I’m angry, and yet I do not hate.

I am kind, and yet I am not weak.

I long to be with you,

My friends.

I long to hold you in my arms,

And dissolve your pain in my love.

How much I love you

Like I’ve always loved you:

I cry for you,

I feel for you,

I feel with you,

I feel as you.

My friends, all of you are endowed with my sensitivity:

Use it to feel Me,

More and more strongly.

When see others suffer,

Feel Me.

When others hurt you out of delusion,

Feel Me.

Do not hurt others back.

I’m your Greatest Protector

I’m the Golden Purifier

You are sensitive to other’s suffering.

This is the gate I endowed you to reach me.

Don’t feel bothered by their ego or suffering,

Or, your own.

Instead, see them,

Face them,

And feel Me.

Let Me heal and purify them.

Love, do not judge.

Forgive, do not resent.

Let your heart open.

This divine transmutation,

The omnipotent alchemist,

Is my siddhi gift to you.

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