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The Witness

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

In today's meditation, I realized that the location of the acausal, a priori, true Witness is Dharmakaya, or the Clear Light of Reality. It is prior to the subtle and gross physical body. It is beyond what the chakras can "reach." It is the vast clear sky without the "blue."

Witnessing is the Light of Consciousness.

Witnessing is Self-identification with Light itself: intrinsically formless, it is presently here, it is presently now.

Light is no longer an object to be hoped for, pursued, looked at, or cherished. No more just an "experience."

Light is simply the case, the context for all. Space becomes radiant. Forms are engulfed in Light.

And Witnessing from the position of Light, there is no self. The separate state, or the subtle “I" sense, simply does not exist.

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