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About Kenjin

     Mingzhou Guo received his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley. He studied Confucianism with Prof. Kwong-Loi Shun

   Mingzhou later met his Buddhist teacher Samvara at age 23. On the snow mountains of Mt. Shasta, he was ordained a Buddhist monk and was initiated into the highest doctrines of Buddhist Mysticism. After a series of spiritual breakthroughs, Mingzhou was given the instruction and transmission to share the Dharma, with the dharma name "Kenjin", or a person of wisdom. 

     Later on, Kenjin met Zen Master Genpo Roshi and learned the Big Mind process, a groundbreaking psycho-spiritual technology that combines eastern wisdom and western psychotherapy. This allows students to work on not only sudden awakening but also cleaning up psycho-emotional shadows. Mingzhou received Inka-"the final seal of approval" of a person's Enlightenment and the highest recognition in Zen from Genpo Roshi.

     Kenjin's classes focus on the cultivation of meditation and mindfulness practices to find inner peace and empower you to succeed in your career. His meditation classes emphasize unlocking the FLOOD-LIKE POWER within you to transcend all obstacles and live in FLOW.

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